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DevOps Training in Chennai

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DevOps Course in Chennai

DevOps : “Development and Systems Operations” Training

DevOps training course

“Development and Systems Operations” combining together in DevOps, based on that we design the Course of DevOps according to the industry needs, our trainer trains you in all tools of DevOps Lifecycle. In our “Lastbench” education intuition DevOps classes are helps you to deployment, integration and testing, Cloud Automation, monitoring techniques using tools like in DevOps: GIT, Puppet, Chef, Docker, SaltStack, Jenkins, Ansible and automate multiple steps in Software/Application Product Life Cycle by the help of Nagios tools.

Course Details – DevOps:

DevOps Course in Chennai helps you to become a DevOps Coach/practitioner.

  • DevOps is necessities product lifecycle and its concepts
  • How DevOps helps in day-to-day real-life problems
  • How to “install – configuration” in Enterprise infrastructure servers [Apache, Nginx]
  • How to use DevOps tools: GIT, Jenkins, Ansible, SaltStack, Puppet, Chef, Nagios and ect
  • How to implement automated deployments, installations and system updating
  • How to build Concepts in Virtualization of resolutions
  • Continuous integration using GIT tools and Configuration deployment and needed packaging
  • Enhance the performance with the proper secure Infrastructure 
  • Teach you in the codes to manage server operations and handle the Infrastructures.
  • Understand the user centric concepts of Monitoring and Logging in real-time
  • How “Cloud Infrastructure Automation” is working and its benefits

Above listed topics are Advance level of DevOps, helps to become Master in DevOps tools(Docker, Ansible, Chef, Puppet and ect)


Kubernetes is one of the open source orchestration systems which offers management and coordination of complex computing networks, services, systems, and automated configuration. It provides a different level of scalability, user primitives, fault-tolerance which go beyond the concept of the single trainer. Hundreds and thousands of IT team make use of the Kubernated worldwide to formulate their containerized workloads. JPA Solutions is one of the reputed Kubernetes training institutes in Chennai, India that offer you with a detailed understanding of Linux Containers, their shortcomings, and advantages, how to make use of the kubernetes to resolve the issues with the help of orchestration and scheduling.

What is the Objective of the Lastbench Kubernetes training?

By the successful completion of Lastbench Kubernetes training, the candidates will be able to learn how to set up and operate a CoreOS and Kubernetes cluster, hands-on, from the group which created the modern distributed systems building block. Lastbench cover the primary architecture and concepts of Kubernetes, helps in setting up, configuring and managing the instances. Our professional experts also teach the candidates about deploying the worker and control nodes, CLI, Kubernetes DNS, and how to manage every applications and more.

At the end of the course, the candidate will be able to

  • Learn to solve different limitations with Pods.

  • Have a fundamental core understanding of how to make use of the Kubernetes.

  • Understand why are these containers useful but still have limitations.

  • The candidates will come to know about the world’s largest enterprises are powered by containers and schedules.

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Lastbench are one of the leading Chef DevOps training in Chennai. At Lastbench, we have professional training experts who teach essential concepts like chef essentials, fundamentals, ChefDK, refresher and more. Our instructors also train the candidates about implementing ChefSpec, Writing Ohai plugins, Chef handlers, etc. Our syllabus is developed by industry experts and also based on the time examples and scenarios. Apart from this, the candidate will also get complete exposure to the real-time projects that are industry based on this Chef training.

We do cover various core syllabus like Introduction to Chef, Building the web server cookbook, node object and search, data bags, chef environments, roles, extending chef, deploying nodes in production, using open source chef server, and more.

JPA Solutions CHEF Objectives:

Upon the successful completion of Chef Devops Course in Chennai, our candidates will be able to

  • Attain a detailed understanding and architecture of each chef components.

  • Ability to work with different open source chef server.

  • Discover the private chef server and ins installation types.

  • Understand automation fundamentals.

  • Install all the chef components and also know how to troubleshoot them.

  • Learn how to install chef on the virtual machine.

Developers, IT professionals, Aspirants who are will to develop their career in the development field, system administrators, and IT architects can attend Lastbench Chef DevOps training in Chennai. The roles like System administration, Developers and IR professionals are the benefits if you take up the Chef DevOps course in Chennai from JPA Solutions.

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Ansible is an IT automation tool and open source automation platform. It is also one of the powerful and easy to setup tool which helps you with application deployment, task automation, and configuration management. The ansible tools are capable of running on different systems like Unix and can configure both Microsoft Windows as well as Unix like systems.

Ansible training is perfect for system administrators who are planning to execute the Ansible to automate, manage and configure. Lastbench ansible training will be able to help candidates to attain knowledge and skill on installing and configuring the ansible, developing and executing playbooks for system maintaining and configuration inventories. The candidates are also taught about implementing encryptions with the help of ansible vaults and managing the system with the help of ansible towers.

The course curriculum deals with the essentials of deployment and configuration, setting up, quick examples, playbooks, manage inclusions and variables, implement task controls, implement roles, configure complex playbooks, implement ansible vault, troubleshoot ansible, implement ansible in a DevOps environment and comprehensive review.

What is the Objectives of Lastbench Ansible Training in Chennai?

Upon the successful completion of Lastbench ansible training in Chennai, our candidates will be able to proficient in Ansible basics and also will possess the ability of

  • Learning the primary concepts of Ansible 2.0

  • Comprehending blocks, galaxies, strategies, and loops

  • Installing and setting up Ansible 2.0

  • Creating and developing real-world playbooks

  • Understanding the use of the Cloud Domain in Ansible 2.0

The prospective learners should have some basic understanding of the Linux and text editors before starting working with the Ansible. The Ansible from Lastbench provides beginners to automate their enterprise’s structure quickly and easily. The candidate will be able to get the advantage from understanding the standard system administrator concepts as well as the skills of administrators like solving network related problems and restarting their services.

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Lastbench are best Puppet training institute in Chennai, India. Puppet is one of the open source software configuration deployment and management tool that is commonly used on Windows and Linux. Lastbench Puppet course teaches the candidate about the best practice approach to managing different infrastructure using the IT automation software of Puppet to maximize the advantaged of the Puppet Module Architecture.

Industry experts design Lastbenchsyllabus and the course curriculum includes introduction to Puppet, setting up learning environment, resources, manifests, and RALs, modules, Trifecta, and the ordering, modules continues, facts and variables, conditionals, code compressions, templates, puppet agent/master, puppet forge, Hiera, M collective and more.

What are the objectives of Lastbench Puppet Training in Chennai?

The puppet course from Lastbench will let the candidates learn the right way of managing the infrastructure. Candidates also learn about the concepts and best practices of foundations to manage the puppet enterprise. Candidates will install the puppet enterprise and then learn the best practices of puppet and make use of them to write simple classes, extend and update existing modules, etc. Our instructors teach puppet basics via the combination of relevant and lecture, hands-on and real-world exercises.

The Puppet training course from Lastbench is for the developers and senior system administrators who are looking for implementing the Puppet IT automation software into the complex environment and for the aspirants who require optimizing the puppet solution for the larger scale deployments.

Puppet training is one of the configuration management system and mainly used in the environment of DevOps. The DevOps online training teaches the initial setup and puppet configurations, implementations along with different use case scenarios. The candidate also will have the ability to install and make use of the puppet in a productive environment.

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SaltStack training is one of the scalable, intelligent, flexible and high-speed software for the ITOPS and DevOps. It is a new and unique approach to infrastructure management which is easy enough to run within minutes. SaltStack is a python based open source configuration remote execution engine and management software which supports the approach of “infrastructure as code” to cloud management and deployment, it competed initially with Chef, Puppet, and Ansible.

The commands in the saltstack training will run on the different machines with the beside and the scalable systems in targeting will be done through the remote execution. There are configuration management and orchestration in Saltstack online training.

SaltStack training is easy to use and lightweight open source configuration management which enables you to make your infrastructure self sufficient and also helps you in automating tasks. JPA Solutions saltStack course enables you to understand the bolts and nuts of the SaltStack. Lastbench offer in-depth training on SaltStack training for beginners to advanced certified professionals.

The course curriculum of the SaltStack includes Salt overview, introduction to YAML, installation of Salt, Salt Command line basics, targeting minions, states, templating, the pillar and other interesting concepts in SaltStack.

The saltStack is an automation suite that is powerful as well as simple to learn. The demand for SaltStack is presently increasing, and therefore it’s right time you should join JPA solutions SaltStack training.

What skills do you learn from Lastbench SaltStack training in Chennai?

Upon the successful completion of Lastbench SaltStack training in Chennai, our candidate will be able to learn.

  • About the various stated of the Saltstacks, implement them including creating State trees, SLS files, setting requisites, etc.

  • Learn to make use of the saltstack to manage different deployments,

  • Learn regarding the templating engines Pillar and Jinja and how can they be used for accessing minion values of configurations.

  • Learn to configure a system which can be managed with the help of the salt states and the primary skills needed to manage the infrastructure of SaltStack.

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Dockers Training in Chennai

Lastbench is one of the leading Dockers training in Chennai, India. The Docker skills are in huge demand in the present market and the DCA (Docker Certified Associate) exam is developed to validate the skill set and knowledge with best and real-world queries developed by experienced and professionals docket practitioners. The Docker Certified Associate serves as the benchmark of foundation for real-world skills of the docker across the container industry as the first exam in a comprehensive and composed multi-tiered professional certification program. Get Docket Certified today from JPA Solutions to prove your docker skills.


  • Use of the Docker Certified Associate logo and Digital Certificate.
  • Complete access to the network of the Docker Certified Professional on Linkedin.
  • Docker Skills Recognition with an official Docker Credential.
  • Docker Certified Status online verification by potential employers.

Exam Details:

  • Developed to endorse professionals with a docker experience of about 6 to 12 months.
  • Available universally in English.
  • Immediate results delivery
  • Proctored on your Mac or Windows computer remotely.

Fundamentals of Docker:

The course is one of the Inductory docker course to provide your team with the basic and best enterprise-grade docker use-cases foundation. There are many advanced courses that are role-based on the platform of Docker Enterprises.

Enterprise Developers - Dockers:

Enterprise Developers - Dockers is the follow-on to the fundamental course of Docket and this is a role-based course developed for a DevOps and organization development teams to speed up their journey of docker in the enterprise.

Enterprise Operations - Docker:

The second level of Fundamentals of Dockers course is the Docker for Enterprise Operations and this is developed with the focus on the operation role of the Docker in the Docker Enterprise Edition Advanced Administration. You need to deep dive the Enterprise operations course for the particular needs.

Docker Support and Troubleshooting:

The Docker support and troubleshooting course are also one of the role-based docker's courses developed for a support team of the Organization to support the different issues which arise in the journey of a docker.

Docker Security:

The docker security course is used for complete organization. Get everyone to work together and “on the same page” to secure your environment of Dockers.

This hands-on course on the style of the workshop provides your team with an overview of relevant best practices and features to secure your containerized services.

DevOps Online Training Course in Chennai

Take a course at your own pace with LastBench anywhere in the world you like. Join one of our online training courses and discover a different way to learn about trending technologies. Our DevOps online training will help you build a bright future.

Call today (+91 7305168118) at JPA Solution DevOps Training in Chennai to know the available seats and corresponding charges for DevOps.

Students Testimonials

  • "I had enrolled to this training program and completed my course recently. Now, I understand the benefits of joining JPA Solutions DevOps Course in Chennai and completely satisfied with my decision"

  • “The way in which all the instructors present the information and make us understand is just fantastic. The technical team is really doing great in order to help the students when stuck in between the course. ”

  • “I had attended plenty of demo sessions before getting in touch with LastBench. They seem to be excellent in terms of lab facility as well as theory lectures. Great going, keep it up!.”


Course Details : Dev Ops 

Lastbench DevOps course in Chennai will enable you to prepare for a career in DevOps. In our unique DevOps training in Chennai, you will be able to learn about DevOps tools and methodologies, which are useful to grow in your DevOps Career.
Our training course will give you deep insights into DevOps tools and real-life methodologies that help you go further in your career. Along with that, you will get DevOps certification which you can attest to your new skills to get a DevOps Job in MNCs.

The DevOps Consultants are vital for any IT organization because they are certified professionals who create and maintain the Dev, QA, and Ops Departments. DevOps Consultant is usually hired to resolve specific issues or even to educate employees on how to use DevOps within the company to improve the software delivery process.

The primary goal of our Lastbench DevOps Course in Chennai helps our students to get career ready for DevOps Challenges in their careers. At JPA, we strive to improve students’ skills by giving them challenges and explaining them about the real-life challenges that companies are facing to embrace their scalable software deployment.
Apart from that, we help them work on the realtime projects to give them proper practical knowledge to improve their chances of hire-ability.

Lastbench DevOps training in Chennai is your first step towards a career in DevOps. In DevOps course in Chennai, you will learn about DevOps tools such as Git, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Nagios, and more automated tools that are helpful to shine in your DevOps career.
Along with that, you'll adequately gain knowledge on configuration management, continuous deployments, Monitoring, and more activities using powerful DevOps Tools. Join JPA Solutions DevOps Course in Chennai and get an in-depth knowledge of DevOps.

JPA DevOps training in Chennai is your first step towards a career in DevOps. You learn to design and deploy software along with creation and monitoring CI/CD pipelines for different deployment strategies. You will get trained adequately from scratch to being an expert in DevOps with our JPA Solutions DevOps Course in Chennai. Join the Lastbench DevOps Training in Chennai and get an in-depth knowledge of DevOps.

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