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Data Science Course in Chennai LastBench

Our data science training in Chennai LastBench, provides the complete course which includes all elements and procedure from data findings to the data integration and storage. 

Our data science course in Chennaihas main focus on the big data services and all aspirants of machine learning techniques should try this course to boost the progress and build a career in the same field. Aspirants having exposition to java and mathematical aptitude can have a plus if they enter into data science training. Apart from this, Hadoop experts are the better beneficiary if they learn data science. 

After our training, the students get the guaranteed yet good placement as a data master or data scientist. We convey the easiest techniques of data mining and data analysing on not only different formats but also different practical platforms. 

Our data science course in Chennaicovers the complete life cycle of data with practical experience. Using different data science methodologies, our company provides the feasible and practical solution of the student queries. In the short duration, data science course in Chennai Lastbench gives the deep inside knowledge to aspirants. Be a data scientist soon!

Learn Data Science with R Language/ Python?

Data Science, in general, is a field that often uses scientific methods and different processes to exact the data insights from both unstructured and structured data, and it is often similar to data mining. When it comes to the Data science with R Language and Python, you will use the two professional languages to create algorithms and effective machine learning models, different scientific process and so on. You will learn how to build and run data pipeline and other recommended settings in this Data Science with R language and Python.

You will learn about how to understand analytics tools by exploring R programming language. Along with that, you will be learning about installing R on different operating systems. You will even learn how to advance future in R Data Visualization, Variable identification and more in this Data Science with R language. With python, you will learn how to do the types of regression analysis, interaction regression, hypothesis testing, and other business factors as well.
Points to Remember

  • Data Science is an often a recognized designation for professional who is having deep experience in analytics and having other data mastering skills.
  • Data Science with R Language and Python are used in Data Cleaning and Data manipulation tasks with ease.
  • Data Science always allows you to take proper business decisions based on the Raw data which you have collected from the Analytics.

Julia for Data Science

Julia is a fast, open source and easy language if they are written correctly and well performs in low-level languages namely FORTRAN and C. Its design is a path between the abstraction and specialization which offers good machine performance without any human convenience sacrifices. It is also a fresh and unique approach to technical computing that combines proficiency from various fields of computer and computational science.

Data science course in Chennai JPA Solutions helps to know the DataFrames package power to analyze, organize, manage and control data. It allows candidates to work from various source and with data, perform multiple calculations on statistics and visualize their different type of plots relationships via a live demonstration.

Data science course content Julia for data science includes getting comfortable with the Julia basic structures, diving deep to Julia for data science and working with Julia for data science, machine learning techniques with Julia. There is Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence also included and has courses with modules like Use of parametric functions to develop models, explore data with unsupervised learning, introduction to supervised machine learning, learning with single neuron, developing single layer nets with Flux.jl, handwriting recognition with neural networks, model complexity, applications using Unsupervised machine learning, object detection, multiple-layer neural networks.

What are the Course Objectives of Julia for Data Science?

Upon the successful completion of the Data Science Julia, our candidate will be able to

  • Write R Code which is capable of getting executed outside the RStudio.
  • Clean data before beginning the analysis phase.
  • Perform cleaning of data on a dataset.
  • Get data from different sources namely databased, Twiter, Files, and more.
  • Helps in loading Libraries to the Rstudio to be used with the analysis phase.
  • Codebook creation for the data to be presented as a summary.

Data Science Online Training in Chennai

Take a course at your own pace with LastBench anywhere in the world you like. Join one of our online training courses and discover a different way to learn about trending technologies. Our Data Science online training in Chennai will help you build a bright future.

at JPA Solution to know the available seats and corresponding charges and much more.

Students Testimonials

  • "I had a great experience from the Data Science training in Chennai JPA Solutions. The excellent teaching staff, comprehensive coverage of every relevant concept, and lab facilities has satisfied me completely."

  • “I would definitely recommend JPA Solutions to all the enthusiastic learners. I realized the techniques in which the real world business can be linked up with my mathematical knowledge.”

  • “The training program at JPA Solutions was an eye opener to the world of Data Science and its practical importance. I certainly loved the way they taught and assisted me throughout the entire program.”


Data Science Course FAQ:

      ✓ Data Science Training at JPA Solutions comprises of analytics in data science such as 

      ✓ Setting the Base in Data Science, preparing, exploring and visualizing data, linear and logistics regression, tree based models and Clustering.

      ✓ Advanced concepts such as ensemble methods, support vector machine, unsupervised learning methods, neural networks and Text Mining.

      ✓ A capstone project will be provided by the ends of the course.

Data Analyst, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Statisticians, Mathematics, Big Data Developers, Programmers, Big Data Testers, Mainframe, ETL, Datawarehousing, ERP like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics.

      ✓ IT managers, Data Base Administrators from Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MS SQL etc

      ✓ Team Leads, Project Managers, General Managers, Architects, Delivery Heads, CXOs 

      ✓ Other professionals who are looking forward to make a shift in Data Scientist technologies.


There is no specific pre-requisite for the course however exposure to core Java and mathematical aptitude will be beneficial. JPA will provide you complementary self paced courses covering essentials of Hadoop, R and Mahout to brush up the fundamentals required for the course.

 Why Learn Data Science?

Data Science training certifies you with ‘in demand’ Big Data Technologies to help you grab the top paying Data Science job title with Big Data skills and expertise in R programming, Machine Learning and Hadoop framework.

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