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AWS Training in Chennai

SAA-C02 [2020 Version]

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AWS Course in Chennai

AWS cloud computing training in chennai

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Our AWS training in chennai is designed to bring out the best of you!

  • AWS course deals with around 50+ AWS Services.
  • Very detailed and industry standard scenario based hands-on practice for all core services
  • Two Live hands-on based projects
  • Many Bonus segments to cover more than the Certification syllabus
  • oordinator for further information
  • Detailed Soft Study Materials
  • Certification Exam preparation with Mock tests
  • Very detailed, soft copy of Certification exam preparation material
  • Cloud Formation vs Elastic Beanstalk
  • AMAZON CLI for OPS Teams and AWS SDKs for developers
  • Overview of few other AWS services

We owe to be a distinguished provider of Cloud Computing - Certifications AWS training in chennai. The humongous popularity of cloud computing AWS training in chennai has opened up a new horizon of growth for the aspirants. The credit towards the fame of this technology lies not only in the ease of learning but also its unmatchable execution speed.

Our AWS training in Chennai seems to be perfect for both the individuals and the professionals. Our AWS training in chennai ensures the aspirants to avail superior and in-depth knowledge made available at highly economical price tag. Our essence lies in delivering the best utilizing the true potentials of the recent and updated resources to make a significant mark on one’s skill set.

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NEW Exam Dumps based on New 2020 Syllabus

Multiple Mock tests with over 600 questions to practice.
New Topics included based on 2020 Version : [15 hours ]

  • AWS Application Loadbalancer
  • AWS Network Loadbalancer
  • AWS VPC PrivateLink
  • AWS VPC EndPoints and Service EndPoints
  • AWS VPC Flow FLogs
  • AWS CloudWatch Events, Logs and LogGroups
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Elastic Container services
  • AWS Elastic Cache
  • AWS Systems Manager
  • AWS Well Architected Framework

Also, overview on
AWS EKS,SWF,AWS RedShift, AWS XRay, AWS Inspector, AWS Config, WAF & Shield, CloudHSM, Directory Service , Migration Services, DevOps tools, AWS ElasticBeanStalk AutoScaling triggers, Amazon MQ, OPSWork, Step Functions, WorkSpaces.

Amazon Web Services[AWS]- Certifications AWS Course

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate with “Practice Test” [Preparation for the AWS CSA certification exam]
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect 2020 Associate with “Practice Test” [Preparation for the AWS CSA Feb 2020 certification exam]
  • AWS Certified SYSOPS Associate with “Practice Test” [Preparation for the AWS SysOps certification exam]
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner with “Practice Test” [Preparation for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitionerexam]

Mode of Delivery:

You have a choice to pick-up [Consult JPA AWS course coordinator for further information) Instructor Led - Online
Instructor Led - Classroom

OPENSTACK-Implementing a Private CloudCourse
COURSE 1: AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate [ 50+ hours]
COURSE 2: AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2020 [ 60+ hours]
COURSE 3: AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Exam Preparation [50+ hours]
COURSE 4: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Preparation [30 Hours]
COURSE 5: OPENSTACK-Private Cloud Implementation [50 Hours]

AWS training in chennai

With the most effective learning system in the world, we help professionals learn trending technologies from the comfort of their own place and our online training course helps educate and empower! Would like to take up our AWS Cloud Computing online training class in Chennai, then call us today at +91 7305168118.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA-C01)

Learn AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA-C01) certificate from top-rated training institute JPA Solutions and validate your expertise & technical skills to enhance your career. With the help of AWS, the attendees will be able to efficiently design, deploy, execute, and debug serverless cloud-based applications. The attendees will be able to clear the AWS developer associate certification exam by JPA Solutions hands-on skills, use cases, real case studies, practical, and theoretical training.

The main objective of AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA-C01) certification course

The attendees will learn to
● Develop cloud-based applications to debug on EC2
● Store data in RDS & DynamoDB
● Using AWS Lambda, architect serverless applications.
● Using API Gateway, create API.
● Authorization and authentication with IAM

What are the main technologies covered and prerequisites required to learn AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA-C01) certification course

The leading technologies covered in AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA-C01) course are Cognito, Lambda, DynamoDB, SNS, CodeDeploy, S3, CloudFront, X-Ray, SQS, CodeDeploy, Elastic BeanStalk, KMS, and more.

When considering prerequisites, there is nothing required for learning AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA-C01) certification course from JPA Solutions. For more information, contact JPA Solutions team.

Why AWS?

Choosing the AWS online training in chennai which is an assurance to stand among the handpicked and best set of professionals in the domain.

AWS is a prominent service provider with complete set of services to deal with each and every aspect of cloud computing with ease. The platform from Amazon is a trendsetter and is assumed to be approximately 10 times bigger and better than its 14 competitors! laaS cloud - the web service from Amazon is huge and exceeds the capacities of all its counterparts by a huge margin. The platform from Amazon is sure to benefit a diversified range of patrons whether a System Administrator, developer, database admin, data warehouse technician, IoT developer, big data analyst, an AI developer or a computer science student. The medium is bound to transform the technical life of its users and to bring in a certain amount of comfort and ease in their proceedings. The biggest benefit from Amazon lies in its offering towards a realistic certification demanding humongous hands-on practice and a specialized training to complement it which on the other hand does not require to completely discontinuing your job prospects rather than opt for availing an online training course to maximize your learning while you are still involved with your work or college life.

The aspirant can easily explore for a nearest JPA Solutions center to enquire for the Cloud Computing – AWS training sessions and enroll in the latest and in-demand AWS Training in Chennai designed to deliver complete insights on the content with exclusive hands-on practice in the real-time scenarios for better and enhanced understanding.

AWS online training in chennai with Cloud Certification
Individuals with cloud skills are required by every enterprise to enable transform their businesses. Certifications AWS training in Chennai JPA Solutions helps you develop and execute your cloud skills so you can get to know numerous things out of the cloud. Our AWS cloud certification content is generated by experienced AWS professionals and is updated regularly to help clients on keeping pace with trending updated in the industry and keeping the skills of cloud skills fresh. What are the new Certifications available in AWS training in Chennai from JPA Solutions?

Fundamentals of AWS Course in Chennai
This course focus on developing serverless applications course. The scenario-based and on-demand learning from JPA solutions helps in strengthening our candidate skills in serverless foundations where they will be capable of designing and running the modern applications without even in need of a server.

New Digital Course:
The course is named as AWS DeepRacer, and this is driven by Reinforcement learning. This is one of the digital training course where you get developed on your ML Skills. Our professionals train the candidates practically as well theoretically to train the class excitingly. This free offering holds the machine and reinforcement application learning concepts to existence.

Machine Learning:
The course from JPA Solutions is one of the specialty, and this helps in validating the in-demand skills needed to develop and tune data models. With this AWS course in Chennai from JPA solutions, the candidates will be able to differentiate themselves and the organization in the emerging field.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials:
With this JPA solutions AWS cloud Partitioners essentials course, the candidates will learn the primary skills of the AWS and get prepared for clearing the AWS certified cloud practitioner exam with this self paced and free digital training course. It features new videos, refreshed content and also animated infographics for more straightforward learning.

Advantages of Learning the Updated AWS training in chennai:
1. The candidates will be able to choose an on-demand training which is relevant to the solution area, role and expertise level.
2. The candidate will be able to learn the best practices and develop technical skills from an experienced trainer of JPA solutions.
3. The candidate can validate their AWS cloud knowledge and skills to improve the credibility with the best and qualified AWS consultants.
4. The candidates will be able to develop their cloud skills and knowledge, get advanced towards the AWS certification with the right role-based learning path that is perfect for your skills.

What is the Role for learning AWS Cloud Certifications:

The candidates can develop their cloud skills and knowledge through different AWS cloud certification roles.

  • Cloud Practitioner: with this role, you will be able to learn the best practices of the AWS Cloud as well as the fundamentals of the AWS.
  • Cloud Architect: The candidates will learn to design and develop highly available cloud systems.
  • Cloud Developer: With this role, the candidate will be able to develop multiple applications for the AWS cloud.
  • Operations: With this, the candidates will learn to automate the system, network, and applications.

  • Learning path by Solutions:

    The candidates will be able to advance their expertise and skills by choosing the right solution based path which is perfect for them.
    1. Machine Learning: With these solutions, the candidates will get to know in-depth about the same curriculum utilized to train the Amazon data scientists and developers.
    2. AWS Media Services: In this solutions-based training, the candidate will learn to build professional quality experiences in the media with the help of AWS Elemental services.
    3. Storage: In this solution based course, the candidates will get progressed from fundamental to in-depth technical things to develop AWS storage expertise.

    Why OpenStack?

    As per the ninth annual Future of Open Source Survey, nearly 78% of businesses rely on OpenStack and other such open source software to ease out their business proceedings. The advantage of deploying an OpenSource distribution lies in reducing the deployment time to as low as few minutes which would drastically benefit the organizations comprising the tiny sized IT associations. The benefits of Open Stack are tremendous and are working to be a strengthening factor for all the organizations whether large or small.

    The ninth user survey from OpenStack has brought into notice a humongous 1,400 completed surveys and more than 600 deployments in just the initial 2 months of 2017 which also scores to be the largest sample in the history of Open Stack deployment. OpenStack has been regarded as a trusted partner for hundreds of associations across the world as they rely on its services on a day to day basis to help reduce the operation cost and to enhance the work capacities. OpenStack bring an array of products and services to introduce numerous benefits for the businesses and seem to be a prominent source of commercial support. The OpenStack API manages a large set of resources needed to compute, store and networking related concerns which are essentially controlled by the OpenStack software. Further, the compatibility of OpenSource with popular open source and enterprise technologies has accounted it to be a prominent choice for heterogeneous infrastructure.

    OpenStack professionals are in-demand in the industry with an assurance towards growth and appealing pay packages in the present and also in the coming future which is far better than cloud engineers and many other job roles. Hurry be a Cloud Ready Open Stack professional! Go grab the opportunity and ensure a safer future with our AWS course in Chennai!

    AWS training in chennai to know the available seats and corresponding charges for cloud computing course.

Students Testimonials

  • "I recently joined for the AWS training in chennai in JPA Solutions. I am extremely satisfied with the way the training program is structured and conducted."

  • “It seems to be the great platform for acquiring the knowledge on cloud computing and AWS. AWS training in Chennai in LastBench was Ultimately a great experience to get trained in your institution. Thank you!”

  • “Since cloud computing is the latest trend in the IT industry, I decided to join Digital Marketing Course in Chennai in LastBench. It was a wonderful experience and helped to reach my dream career.”


Course Details : AWS Cloud Computing

To get AWS Certification, you have to enroll AWS Course in Chennai with JPA Solutions and get started with your training. Here we offer an ideal path for all students to advance their careers and be a certified AWS Expert. We have trained 3000+ professionals to get them AWS Certified.
If you are willing to learn AWS Course and get certified then the JPA training program is a great way to get hands-on practice with a variety of AWS modules/skills that help clear the AWS Certification Exam.

At LastBench, you'll get 2 real-time project experiences. With real-world projects and immersive content at JPA, training sessions help you to master AWS Skills that companies want and are helpful for you to clear AWS Certification Course.
JPA mainly focuses on a 100% practice-based approach to sharpen candidates' AWS Skills. So, we include a live project where students get to work on real-time scenarios to get hands-on experience.

Yes, JPA provides previous Questions papers with Answers to educate students. Even though most of the training centers give Question and Answer sheets, but at JPA Solutions, we do that in another way. We explain all the queries and then provide the Question and Answer PDF files to the candidates for reference. You will have about 600 questions to learn before you appear for the exam.
We provide these questions & answers to students to help them in their learning journey to ensure their success.1

Yes, JPA does provide online training with certification guidance for students. With our online training program, students can get a custom learning plan tailored to fit their hectic life. Students can learn from anywhere through our online training, even in difficult situations as well.
Apart from that, JPA does provide interview preparation advice, clear the doubts of students, and give insightful information about the career. JPA helps you out with certification guidance to help you grow in your career.

LB has collaborated with industry professionals to offer a world-class learning experience. Along with that, students will get hands-on experience on the AWS platform. So, from our side, we guarantee AWS Certification if you follow our guidelines, Certification is for Sure
LastBench provides high-quality support as you master in-demand skills that will help you qualify for AWS Certification and for high-value jobs in this Cloud Platform.