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First steps with DATAtab

DATAtab is a web-based statistics software that runs right here in your browser window. Since it is a web application, it does not need to be downloaded or installed. You can start analyzing your data online in the statistics calculator on DATAtab at any time.

Data Entry

There are several ways to enter data into DATAtab. Before the own data can be entered, the table must first be cleared, otherwise the properties of the previous variables are retained.
Now the data can be entered manually, inserted with copy and paste or imported from Excel.

Data Preparation

Before you can evaluate your data, you must first prepare it. Preparing the data for statistical analysis is often more time-consuming than you might have thought. We recommend to start with the preparation of the data in Excel and if the data is in the desired form, simply insert it into DATAtab.

Missing values

In DATAtab you can define how missing values are in your data. To do this, simply click on Settings in the statistics calculator and enter the values that should be declared as missing.

Level of measurement and value labels

If the data are in the desired form, the level of measurement and value labels can be determined in DATAtab. DATAtab sets automatically all variables in those only numerical values are contained on metric scale level, if words are contained the nominal scale level is selected.

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Effortless data analysis with DATAtab!

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License ends automatically (no cancellation necessary) and is valid for single use.


One price, two products:

1) DATAtab Statistics software

  • Location measures (mean, median, modal value, ...)
  • Measures of dispersion (standard deviation, variance, range, ...)
  • Frequency tables and cross tabulations
  • Charts (boxplot, bar chart, error bar, scatter plot, ...)
  • t-tests (for one sample, independent and dependent samples)
  • Chi-square test
  • Binomial test
  • Mann-Whitney U test
  • Wilcoxon test
  • Analysis of variance (one factorial, two factorials and one factorial with repeated measures)
  • Correlation analysis
  • Regression analysis (linear and logistic)
  • Cluster analysis
  • Cohen's Kappa and Fleiss Kappa
  • Cronbachs Alpha
  • Cluster analysis
  • Equivalence and non-inferiority
  • Process capability studies
  • Moderation und Mediationsanalyse
  • Automatic interpretation of results
  • Support for method selection

2) DATAtab Survey

  • Maximum of 3 surveys
  • 1,000 answers maximum per month

Enterprise licenses including support package

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